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Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Kansas City, Kansas

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Steven Johnson

Attorney at Law

Before becoming an attorney, I had a career as an accountant. With a desire to leave a more positive impact on the lives of others, I decided to pursue a career change and went to law school. Shortly after graduating with my J.D., I went to work with a group of attorneys to gain more experience. I initially took on estate and tax law cases, but after opening my own firm, I wanted to expand my services to help more people. As clients came to me with various needs, I worked to provide solutions that made a difference for them. Today, my practice focuses on the areas of criminal and DUI/DWI defense, estate planning, and family law.

"Attorneys who are professional and respectful to everyone involved throughout the legal process get better results for their clients."

Steven Johnson

Don't let a DUI Charge Ruin Your Life

Countless reasons can lead you toward making the mistake of getting behind the wheel when you shouldn't. When those red and blue lights started flashing behind you, your heart likely sank to your stomach. Being stopped for drunk driving, or driving under the influence of another controlled substance, can be both scary and embarrassing.

At The Law Firm of Steven Johnson, I understand how difficult this time can be. As an experienced DUI/DWI defense attorney, I can help to answer your questions and guide you through the consequential legal process in either Kansas or Missouri.

Whether this is your first offense or a repeat, and whether or not anyone was injured, will have a major impact on the outcome of your case. I'll clearly explain what you're up against and help you build a strong defense for your case. When your freedom on the road and future opportunities are at risk, don't wait to reach out for experienced legal help.

Your criminal record can have a serious impact on your future. I'll do my best to help you evade the worst of the possible penalties and potentially avoid a DUI/DWI conviction altogether. Reach out to me today so we can work together to get your life back on track.

Helping You Find a Way Forward

Facing criminal charges can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. No matter what crime you've been accused of, whether it's a minor misdemeanor or severe felony offense — having handcuffs placed around your wrists can easily make you feel hopeless. Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney can make all the difference for you. You don't want to risk the outcome of your case with just any attorney.

With The Law Firm of Steven Johnson, you can feel confident that you have an advocate on your side who cares about helping you secure the most favorable results possible. I'll fight to protect your rights and defend your best interests every step of the way. I won't back down from the prosecution, but offer a reasoned approach to maintain good relationships with everyone in the court system to serve your needs.

For over two decades, I have proudly served individuals and families in Kansas City and the surrounding areas with high-quality legal services that cover a wide range of issues. My knowledge and skills span multiple areas of law, from criminal and DUI/DWI defense to estate planning, family law, and more. With a dedication to serving the needs of any client that comes to my door, I also have experience in the areas of personal injury, employment law, and civil law.

Regardless of what brings you to my firm, I take the time to truly listen and get to know you. I'll help you understand the scope of your case and the available options you have in front of you. From there, I can guide you through the necessary legal processes that will allow you to move forward. Don't wait to seek the guidance and support you need. Contact me today for a consultation.